Research, Recognition, Reconciliation

Over the past 30 years, HCG has prepared over 100 Specific Claims and historical reports for our First Nations Clients, with over 70 of those reports ending up in current negotiations or concluded settlements for First Nations. Even if a report we prepare does not result in negotiations or settlement, it does provide answers to questions and concerns raised by First Nations. Furthermore, this research can often assist Nations in securing consultation rights or other administrative remedies that look to the future, preserving Treaty and Aboriginal rights.

It is also our belief that First Nations should not have to shoulder the responsibility of funding this research, and we are very familiar with funding streams available to First Nations to offset these costs.

Our research team specializes in:

  • Securing funding to support all elements of the research and writing process
  • Archival Research
  • Archival Database development and management
  • Document Analysis
  • Historical Document Transcription
  • Oral History collection
  • Preparation of Historical Reports
  • Preparation of Specific Claims

Historical research can be a complex and difficult process to undertake which can make, or break, meaningful reconciliation for First Nations. Many First Nation grievances have histories that span decades, if not centuries. It takes countless hours of document collection, review and analysis to understand the history, experiences and the resulting impacts of Canada’s failure to fully recognize and uphold the spirit and intent of First Nations’ Treaty and Aboriginal rights.