Community engagement is integral to the success of any initiative which will impact the community. Informed by cultural protocol, and at the direction of community leadership, HCG works with our clients to develop comprehensive engagement strategies and implementation plans tailored to each First Nations’ needs.

Over the years, HCG has been involved in the planning and realization of innumerable community engagement endeavours on the topics of:

  • Historical research projects
  • Specific Claim negotiations settlements
  • Trust development
  • Litigation settlements  

Our approach is to provide information in understandable and accessible ways, with the objective of developing a sense of meaningful involvement among the Nation’s members. Our method is designed to build trust and informed decision making, leading to the successful ratification of settlement agreements, and trust development for First Nations. 

In collaboration with leadership, HCG has facilitated community engagement that has resulted in a 100% success rate, with up to a 98% acceptance rate of settlement and trust agreements – we are proud that we have never had an acceptance rate fall below 83%.